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SBS clients include chemical manufacturers, transportation companies, financial service organizations, advertising firms, and medical facilities as well as local, state, and federal government agencies. Client List>>

Business-to-Business Internet

Chemical Sales Tracking with nationwide internet interface

Global Marine Transportation Performance System with Internet interface for Marine Scheduling and Performance Reporting

Wide Area Network using Internet and Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Nationwide advertising company budget system using the Internet for application and data transfer

Nationwide Web browser based application for the logging of sales forecast figures for a major chemical company

Installed, configured, and implemented T1 Frame Relay Network with MS Proxy Server for national Internet connectivity and application access


Rating engine for advanced rate calculations

Rating and property inspection database

Policy management system with Underwriting, Claims, Accounting, and Reinsurance modules, as well as extensive imaging requirements


Laboratory tracking system that allows for multi-point sampling, recording, and analysis of samples for a large chemical plant

Conversion of a mainframe accounting system to a client/server environment

System to track internal projects for a large chemical company from idea inception to project completion, including follow-up reporting

Customer contact and equipment tracking system with nightly synchronization of databases at multiple sites


Transportation system development, support, and toll consulting for various state departments of transportation and authorities in Louisiana, New Jersey, Colorado, and other states: systems included Automatic Vehicle Identification, Image Processing, various recording device controls, realtime reporting, reconciliation and accounting functions

Plant-wide tracking and consolidated reporting of department activities including: Transportation and Shipping, Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Project Tracking, Accounts Payable, Corrective Action Incident Reporting, Safety, Warehouse/Purchasing, and all departmental monthly reporting

Multi-modal transportation tracking system for a shipper to track customers, cargo, barges, vessels, and truck lines


Developed a system to track the application, verification, and licensing of closing agents and appraisers for a large financial institution

Financial mortgage loan origination, processing, underwriting, and tracking system for a nationwide lending corporation


Project in Oracle to consolidate multiple databases of varying types into one database for plant-wide tracking of training for nuclear power plant personnel

Equipment manual tracking system for a nuclear power plant with interface to data gathered from hand-held computers


Developed an interface, on a store and forward basis, for two systems used for the analysis and reporting of medical records

Home healthcare patient order approval system, which provides for the electronic transfer of patient orders between the home healthcare agencies and physician offices

FDA regulated system to provide for the certification and audit of measurements and readings of pharmaceutical-grade gases

Pharmaceutical sales tracking and DEA reporting system with bubble scanner form interface

Public Sector

State-wide intern evaluations for pass/fail determination tracking database for LA Department of Education

Tracking system for Louisiana Housing Finance Agency to use in tracking all projects and all funds throughout each fund's life cycle

It includes the tracking of developers, problems, compliance issues, as well as project statuses

Developed the Louisiana State Bond Commission's Local Debt Tracking and Accounts Receivable System to enter and track data related to debt issue

Other Industries

Worldwide equipment inventory and availability database for equipment sales and leasing

Purchase order system that evaluates each order for correct processing based on dollar volume

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